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HEYounGIRL Streetwear Cargo Spodnie damskie casual Joggersy czarny wysokiej talii luźne damskie spodnie koreański styl Panie spodnie Capri tanie tanio Kobiet yyP030078Z Pełna długość heyoungirl-dziewczyna Fałszywe zamki błyskawiczne kieszenie Sukno Płaskie Spandex bawełna

HEYounGIRL Streetwear Cargo Spodnie damskie casual Joggersy czarny wysokiej talii luźne damskie spodnie koreański styl Panie spodnie Capri tanie tanio

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    Fałszywe zamki błyskawiczne, kieszenie

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    Spandex, bawełna

    Styl PANT:

    Spodnie cargo

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    Zamek błyskawiczny Fly

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    zweryfikowany klient

    Wszystko dostarczone, polecam

    zweryfikowany klient
    10 Mar 2019 11:58

    its awesome!!! and fits perfectly! thnx very much!!

    zweryfikowany klient
    9 Mar 2019 05:41

    In love

    zweryfikowany klient
    9 Mar 2019 05:34

    Good quality pants and very comfortable. The seams are made well, especially like the fact that they are fitted. The order came for weeks 2-3 (i was shocked) i advise everyone, the price justifies the quality. Even cheap to this, in stores would take more)

    zweryfikowany klient
    9 Mar 2019 00:18

    Cool and comfortable pants, size m on height 174 short, on ot-66 and ob-94 perfectly fit. Ordered 14.01 came 04.03, only 09.03 appeared in the mail, i thought already that they would not come. Thank you!

    zweryfikowany klient
    8 Mar 2019 06:42

    Good quality. On the parameters 85-62-85, the growth is just 168. At the waist is excellent, but more like with a belt. The only negative-attract dust and dirt... If you sit on a soft chair then everything, a stain of dust on the fifth point.

    zweryfikowany klient
    7 Mar 2019 10:09

    Very cool, beautiful, comfortable, pleasant to the touch pants! I love them already. Just a million times thanks for this charm.

    zweryfikowany klient
    6 Mar 2019 19:51

    The order was two months. The trousers are perfect, the fabric is of good quality, no protruding threads, no uneven edge, and-d-e-a-l-n-o! Size s on my s rose as native <3

    zweryfikowany klient
    6 Mar 2019 08:20

    Excellent pants, just adore them, sit like poured, delivery month

    zweryfikowany klient
    6 Mar 2019 02:38

    Approached, to the touch pleasant, there are no jambs.

    zweryfikowany klient
    6 Mar 2019 01:20

    Pants are cool, really liked. On the parameters 72-96 cm sat perfectly, on the height of 164 cm the length is full. The fabric is dense, the threads stuck out in some places, not critical, there was no opaque smell. But, delivery sooo long. Ordered 16.01.19 received 06.03.19. Seller thanks

    zweryfikowany klient
    5 Mar 2019 22:56

    Up to what cool pants! They sit great, despite the fact that a little large, but the size "c" would probably sit too in the guise. And so-freely, movements do not hamper, does not transmit anything. But without some minuses did not cost. First, because of the holidays, the pants were late-came the day after the end of the product protection period. And before that, they lay a month (!) without movement in china-oh, this new year. Good, everything was tracked, so i didn't worry they wouldn't come at all. Well, the quality of the fabric is very branded and sticky. Sticks literally everything-tried to take a photo to see how much poured, while just trying on pants. Not very practical, of course, but i hope to survive it. Otherwise very satisfied with the purchase!

    zweryfikowany klient
    5 Mar 2019 14:28

    fabric is thick & soft feeling! im 5’9 and they fit just right

    zweryfikowany klient
    5 Mar 2019 06:55

    Pants perfectly sat down, the elastic waist in this very contributed, the quality of the bomb, no defects there! Got super fast, but! The store sent them 24 days in connection with the chinese new year, although i ordered them 27.01. Smell of vinegar, on the growth of 178 if not bulging, then the ideal length, and if you sit down or strongly lift the leg then you need to pull down. I really liked them, very comfortable and made of good, dense material. If someone has doubts-take it, you will not regret it. The main thing is to choose the right size. Better a little more than a little less)

    zweryfikowany klient
    4 Mar 2019 13:27

    Pants rosemir l really fit on ot 74, ob 90, sight 168. The smell of jahlivius, ale mav bi vititisia. The fabric is already claret and yakisna, hard and trimae shape. All stitched garno, frostibki klovi. I'm pre-satisfied) Pants l size perfectly feet for 74 waist, 90 hips and 168 hight. Smell is terrible, but it will dissapear soon, i think. Fabric is a cool and quality, solid and holds the shape. All is well sewed, fasteners are great. I am satisfied)

    zweryfikowany klient
    4 Mar 2019 07:14

    I like it, the material is thick but it looks good, I like it. Size S fit for M too.

    zweryfikowany klient
    2 Mar 2019 16:19


    zweryfikowany klient
    2 Mar 2019 05:07

    Excellent pants, good quality

    zweryfikowany klient
    2 Mar 2019 00:07

    Really good pants- small fits really small

    zweryfikowany klient
    1 Mar 2019 23:37

    Everything is fine village, but not at the waist, very much narrowed.

    zweryfikowany klient
    1 Mar 2019 08:45

    I took a size L, making 36 French size. The pants are nice and comfortable. Only problem is, there's no hole for the button.

    zweryfikowany klient
    28 Lut 2019 10:39

    Pants are great! My daughter really liked, the size is clear. Seller recommend!

    zweryfikowany klient
    28 Lut 2019 06:08

    Very cool pants made of nice material, suitable for girls with waist and big hips. Ordered size l, for parameters 74/104

    zweryfikowany klient
    28 Lut 2019 03:13

    Aaaaaaa awesome and jacket and pants

    zweryfikowany klient
    27 Lut 2019 10:11

    I bought these thinking they’d be too small as i have quite thick legs but they fit me perfectly and i am usually a UK size 8. Smelled quite strongly of glue when first received but after washing they were fine. Came earlier than expected

    zweryfikowany klient
    27 Lut 2019 08:32


    zweryfikowany klient
    26 Lut 2019 05:08

    Pants are just perfect. Came quickly, stitched qualitatively, the material is pleasant. The size was selected according to the size grid, everything came up. I was afraid that they would be small, but were just right, very comfortable in them. I recommend!

    zweryfikowany klient
    25 Lut 2019 14:31

    They're great!

    zweryfikowany klient
    23 Lut 2019 08:43

    Very good quality, and the store is communicable,and nice package.

    zweryfikowany klient
    23 Lut 2019 00:47

    Pants cool!!! Fabric quality, dense. Belt on the elastic band, which is very convenient. Sewing smooth, no thread. On the volume of the hips 95, took the size m, the height of 165. sat perfectly. I ordered the daughters in delight. The order took a long time, but we got into the chinese new year. Track tracked. Take it, you will not regret it.

    zweryfikowany klient
    22 Lut 2019 04:58

    Up to the stavropol territory took 41 days. Very not bad)) waiting and reality meet the requirements! For such a day is not big, i'm happy! Thank people for the feedback, it helps very much. My height is 168, and my hips are 99 cm... Size l came up perfectly!

    zweryfikowany klient
    21 Lut 2019 06:05

    Pants are excellent, but with delivery were not big problems. The parcel was a month. On my hip size 98 waist 70 and height 168, i ordered m. the fabric is pleasant, but everything sticks to it. And so i'm very happy.

    zweryfikowany klient
    21 Lut 2019 05:56

    Perfect & nice material. I’m a size UK 8/10 and medium fits perfectly. I have larger thighs but the trousers are still baggy which is good.

    zweryfikowany klient
    28 Sty 2019 12:53

    I absolutely love these pants they’re so cute and fit well. I was expecting them to be short cause im so tall but they fit nice

    zweryfikowany klient
    26 Sty 2019 08:43

    Delivery 23 days.

    zweryfikowany klient
    25 Sty 2019 05:30

    My big thank to this store, I’m in luv)

    zweryfikowany klient
    24 Sty 2019 14:22

    PANTS GREAT!!! Seriously!!! You Know, I was looking for pants, similar like Элджея) only female model. This model I reminded. As a result it is a miracle. Excellent quality, fabric A velvet or corduroy. (quick collect dust) all smooth and clear. Like the rear with an elastic band. Made a couple of pictures to Instagram. AND just ask steel, that for fashion store? AND where is it :) said on the Internet. Wait for orders. By the way my Height 170, they are long!! Recommend!!! The 5 + + +

    zweryfikowany klient
    24 Sty 2019 06:01

    Pants came to size S Height 162 cm. Delivery 24 days holidays. Fabric is very nice, but stick to it all, you must use antistatic. IN general, my daughter is very happy. Need To Buy belt, since not included

    zweryfikowany klient
    24 Sty 2019 05:08

    The Pants is very good, quality material, hips 93 got great, only of the downsides what fabric Sticky hair, dust, etc.

    zweryfikowany klient
    24 Sty 2019 03:36

    Material good, at first thought to be balonievye. Long in the growth of 171. Size L bolshevat waist 68-70, better with these options to take the size smaller, M for example. But sit still OK. If bigger then under the rules of the belt will be, but then they will loose enough, the photo shows, the elastic band, not be, as it should, because size large

    zweryfikowany klient
    23 Sty 2019 08:59

    The Pants is very cool month. Sit perfectly in the Height 172, waist 57, hips 88

    zweryfikowany klient
    21 Sty 2019 23:20

    My hips-100, waist 68, over knee leg 47. Size L fit) all stick to the fabric, need antistatic. Very comfortable, high quality fabric. Now my favorite)

    zweryfikowany klient
    20 Sty 2019 04:17

    Love them. Like LITERALLY LOVE THEM. I’m a UK size 6 and they fit me perfectly.

    zweryfikowany klient
    19 Sty 2019 12:56

    Very soft fabric, wear

    zweryfikowany klient
    18 Sty 2019 22:46

    It is perfect am Colombian I have legs and wide hips, measure 1.63 and weight 65 kg stay perfect. I ordered a size L

    zweryfikowany klient
    18 Sty 2019 05:47

    perfect omg it's my favorite pant

    zweryfikowany klient
    18 Sty 2019 04:31

    Product which as described, it took about 45 days approx. The size stay nicely even though it was a liter I measure 1.67 and weight 60 kg

    zweryfikowany klient
    17 Sty 2019 00:06

    The Pants is very cool. My Height 162, waistline 66, hips 89 sat perfectly, long and short, hips loose, waist just + gum, they are very comfortable. The very low or thin girls can not look. Hardware is good, quality sewn. To Moscow region have come a little more than a month, but there's holidays were. The store sent the order by mail, track at all times during delivery.

    zweryfikowany klient
    16 Sty 2019 06:27

    I AM delighted with your purchase!!! They Are awesome, fabric is thick, all pockets not blende, length and waist fit perfectly, behind have elastic have, have belt loops. All is super, the only negative to fabric stick all, but it is not problem roller can be cleaned. Ordered 27.11 came in 09.01. The growth of 168 and waist 61 size S fits perfectly!

    zweryfikowany klient
    15 Sty 2019 06:51

    Very cool pants, 100% worth the money. Look so as much. Only a little less: wool easy to stick

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